The earthquake around Bitcoin was at the top of the fever, and the obvious reason. That value has been achieved since last year, making millionaires from the beginning. In the evening, thousands of investors and co-creators will get action.

Quick numbers to unknown: Bitcoin is the most popular and most regarded as a digital asset known as cryptocurrency.

It is presented as an alternative to traditional banknotes, with speculative investors buying and selling Small Bitcoins (which in writing is worth more than $ 6,000 per coin, down from $ 19,783 in December) wanting that value will increase.

Anonymousity-created anonymity and skyrocketing ratings has become an inspiration to the mass evolution, which has become one that completely breaks down and replaces traditional money.

Some of them are new events, it is also a surprise to know that Bitcoin has existed since January 2009, created by (perhaps fake) Japanese developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Actually, those who think the creator is right because.

I will come later.

Whether Nakamoto is a real person, it is true that “one” has set a conversation about the future of money and invest in a post-2009 accident.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Crypto is how many banks, accounting companies and major consumer companies have bought into the madness in the near decades since.

This great support of sure names makes Bitcoin and other cryptoccal currencies look like, but look under the surface of many false and Galaxy promises, with the need to dig a little deeper to see the real benefits of madness.

BS from Bitcoin

It’s not just the idea that Bitcoin will replace a highly questionable currency system. The simplest idea to invest in cryptocurrency is real fraud.

Investors, perhaps more than other groups, enjoy the idea of ​​the next big deal before counting. It’s not breaking news: That’s how money is made.

From VC to investor seating, this idea is to buy when the price is low and sold when it is high.

So, it’s only natural that unstable and complex pillars like Crypto attracts a lot of excitement for certain types of investors, perhaps someone who is not smart but caught in the power of internet transformation.

The online aspect is more democratic: If one can buy, who can profit.

Where is the problem?

In the heart, cryptocurrency is a scam. We all have sold the future of Bitcoin as the official internet currency, evangelists repainted the picture of the world where our spending was safe anonymously and once again complied with the requirements of international and governmental operators.

Some resellers have bought well, meaning Bitcoin can buy anything from a hotel room for pizza delivery. The sound was great, but, in essence, crypto has proven to be another.

Non-mediums actually change the way banknotes are supported by government banks. Bitcoin is an asset, and one of the most dangerous to put your investment money.

When it is converted for goods, the volume of transactions for barter offers with opportunistic retailers is more likely to be announced that it comes with announcing they will receive Bitcoin.

You do not have to put my words

There is no power over CEO JPMorgan Jamie Dimon has recognized the crypto as a bubble just waiting for the statue. When that does not happen, the gardens pay for your pizza with whatever is there.

Despite the uncertain currency itself, the Northwest atmosphere has proven fertile soil for fraudsters. The old Ponzi style plan has received the 21st-century welcome thanks to criminals taking advantage of the Bitcoin craze, Coin-raising Fund for Early Victim (COS) that never came true.

With the exact currency of getting the first abusive drug and anonymous bidding tools on the dark trading web, unscrupulous operators have been damp for Bitcoin as the simplest to tear off unknown dead. Think of yourself.

Real profit

Although Bitcoin as an investment is radioactive and will not be touched, there is no problem that all cryptocurrency movements are not made about the real benefits.

Bitcoin is dangerous when it breaks the human element in the form of labels and deceptive cheats. Technology makes it free and reliable.



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