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Amy Wan started a legal career in Washington, D.C., where he immediately realized that managing the federal government to make the stereotype a “weak and bureaucratic.” So she decided to take an online course to learn the question code.

One task is to create a web page to replace bitcoin.

Now in 2012, during cryptocurrency before the so-called “Crypto Winter,” when the importance of blockchain technology is based on several years.

After being disturbed by bitcoin, Wan left his job, moved to L.A. and joined the “criminal lawyer.”

Crypto Winter diverts their route to crowdfunding and temporary securities sites, so that space activities are re-arrested and they see many rules and safety bolts for content.

“If you are processing analogs to the 90’s, there are times when people wear items online, because you do not know if you will get a widget that is paid 40 bucks,” said Wan.

They are witnessing the opportunity to build a company that will build a solution to overcome the problem of “trust transactions” that led to block block.

He affirms his company, Sagewise, to end it.

This week, the company launched a product called Blokusign, a blockchain installed digital signage, designed to reduce and resolve disputes.

Forever, the contract signer is a good time. When there are already many electronic signature apps out there (such as Docusign or HelloSign), Blokusign has an additional layer of decentralization authentication. If people detect a contract (say, add 0), Blokusign’s booklet will open the original.

Wan spoke to the Entrepreneur about the potential of blockchain as an invisible tool.

For example, in the blockchain era, contracts are one of the most logical cases. We’re crazy if we can still try something when we buy anything.

Before proceeding, I worked at the beginning of fintech. We must have a notary at all times to document the document physically. Notary in person is no better than some other kind of authentication.

Now, with all the technologies around Adobe and all of that, it’s easy to pick up documents and doctors only. I became a former prosecutor, and I was not able to determine whether I had found a case where the document loan was programmed, or money-money was obtained.

What does Blokusign look like for a user?

What we see today, if any party has a competitive version of the document, all that needs to be done is to advance the original document to the web with user-friendly users and will give you a green check or fix.

Ask for a green saying, yes, this is the original version, which match matches or, no, no. Lan was not created by reading the metadata from the document.

He hates the middleman and allows the parties to come in and hone the document.

What is the process of dispute?

Today, when you move the e-sign, you do not have a verification blockchain, you will be able to have two parties with different documents.

The first time we have to give a report to the court, we believe this is genuine, and then must produce evidence.

If you sing badly, it’s better to be a subpoena [e-tandha company.] [With Blokusign], you are not dependent on some who can not work together or just one more day out of business or being too slow to respond.

How can you improve the efficiency of adding Blokusign to your company?

If you can easily and easily prove what the original document is, there is little that can reduce costs. You really stop people who want to document documentation. And then fifth, the case caught never singing a stop.

If you can develop a better culture in real estate, in accordance with your will and belief, in this case, you will reduce the error in the court on the type of problem, since people will be less experienced if it is easy to speed up wrong.

What is the biggest problem with a company that produces blockchain technology that has been seen?

I have a lot of opinions on this. Nevertheless, many of these things just take our existing business and are rejected in blockchain, and that’s a bad idea. Blockchain technology makes things complicated and can bring a lot of doubt to the business, as well as cost.


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