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These Entrepreneurs Are Taking the all new AL

These Entrepreneurs Are Taking the all new AL

What are the navigation apps like Waze, music reference services like Pandora or digital assistants such as Siri, you have used artifact intelligence in your everyday life.

“Today 85 percent of Americans use AI daily,” said Tess Posner, CEO of AI4ALL.

AI has also been touted as a new must for business, for all of its customer service for marketing for IT. However, for all uses, AI also has a dark part. In some cases, algorithm trends.

The most common example, such as Google’s facial recognition tool, produces a black face as a gorilla or an algorithm used by law enforcement to predict recidivism in unbalance to color people.

Even more subtle.

During Beauty.AI organizes an online competition that uses algorithms on a regular basis, the majority of the “winners” shine.

Search Google for images of “unprofessional hair” and the results that will be seen for many black women photos (even looking for “people” or “women” who make images of white people).

While there are still many findings highlighted in this issue, there is no problem faced enough in the wider field of public technology, especially in research at universities or government agencies and law enforcement who run the AI.

“Results, bias, yen not addressed, become Achilles helicopters” which ultimately kill intelligence, “said Chad Steelberg, CEO of Veritone.”

You can not have a machine where the assumptions and suggestions of the world have been printed in a way that makes the decision non-actionable.

From a basic economic perspective and trust if you want AI to become strong components for the future, you should address this problem. ”

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in our lives every day, there are now small communities but many entrepreneurs, data scientists and researchers who deal with biased issues in AI. I would say some people to learn more about the challenges and solutions that can be done.

Cathy O’Neil, the founder of O’Neil Risk Consultancy & Audit Algorithm

In early 2010, Cathy O’Neil worked as an expert in advertising technology, a building algorithm that defines what happens to ad users while searching the web.

Inputs for calculus include information that does not correspond to what the user uses or what type of computer is owned.

However, O’Neil realized he actually created a user’s demographic profile. If there are sex and no explicit input race, O’Neil’s algorithm differentiates to certain background users, as per the other instructions.

When O’Neil started talking to colleagues in another industry, he found this as the standard of practice.

This biased algorithm not only determines what the user represents, but is also a more important decision, as described or what people will be approved for credit cards. (The observation was first reviewed and endorsed by O’Neil and so on.)

In addition, in some industries – for example, if humans need to make decisions based on specific specific specificities, it is likely to be illegal because of anti-discrimination laws.

However, since the algorithm determines, gender and race are not explicitly as a factor, it is considered that the decision is unfair.

“I have left [world] financially because I want to do better than take advantage of the system just because I can,” O’Neil said.

“I’m typing this uninformed knowledge data, I just think of this way rich financial means have been done, but people are still thinking of all that’s good in 2012. Those who make the world better.”

O’Neil walked away from his project. They write a book, Mathematical Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatened Democracy, about the dangers of releasing open world algorithms, and start consultations.

Overall, he looks special: audit algorithm.

“I must confess that it may not be possible 2014 or 2015 that I see this as a business opportunity,” said O’Neil.

Prior to the 2016 elections, the fact was that he came across O’Neil Risk Consulting & Auditing Algorithmic (ORCAA).

“I started because I thought that even those who wanted to perform unfair practices would not know how to do it,” said O’Neil. “I do not know, I have no good advice to give them.” However, they want to know.

So, what is meant for an audit algorithm?

“The highest level of response to what is meant to improve our definition is what is meaningful for the algorithm,” O’Neil said.


Preparing Entrepreneurs for its own Eureka

Preparing Entrepreneurs for its own Eureka

Not all of us read the news that often have these words stand out “IIT startup” or “IIT graduate”? Well, this is not for nothing. Students from IIT are running first, if not all, the most successful in India. In the corridor of the building, there is a new idea that is given almost every other day.

And in this entrepreneurial spirit, IIT Bombay continues to organize events and competitions based on entrepreneurship. Now they are back with Eureka!, Asia’s Largest Business Model Competition organized by Entrepreneurship Cell-IIT Bombay.

The idea behind Eureka! During a 5-month educational experience, designed to complete the startup fundraising process, including creating a Model B for investors, the competition helps form entrepreneurs tomorrow.

Employer Building

Competition makes entrepreneurial spirit in the participants, helping them think and working as a founder.

For Amol Manjrekar, Founder & CEO of Activatas, Eureka! What a great competition from two perspectives: False, Activatas has been associated with E-Cell, IITB for the last 7 years.

They see the best companies from IITB and Eureka. Second, Eureka guy type! Attract not only businessmen but also panels at Eureka! large.

According to him, the key factors at the beginning should be Team and scale. “There are many startups who have founders or where there are so many founders who are not good.

The correct mixes of two or three are very important, when it comes to scaling, startups should not think about local markets. to global markets Do not build a company just for India- think at the global level of Dina 1, “he said. Me

Here’s how the entrepreneur goes through three phases:

Explains: This is a Pre-Eureka Workshop. Through an intense 6-hour session presented to provide knowledge through brainstorming, BMC and hand workshops, this workshop draws on the idea of ​​entrepreneurship.

Online & Offline Mentors’ Meet: Top 80 teams are rated semi-finalists and each team is assigned a mentor by box. A first Lean methodology workshop is underway to help the semi-finalists team come with Minimal Productivity (MVP).

Pitching: It’s the last day of all the pitch finalists in front of the jury to admit the winning title. Pitching takes place at the E-Summit.

Eureka! Over the years

IIT-Bombay has been successful in supporting entrepreneurship among students since the year, events, conferences, and competitions. Eureka! Not only competition, it is the process of making the idea an effort.

Saurabh Kaushik, co-Founder of Peoplist India believes that Eureka is a global entrepreneurial event, provides, empowers and empowers entrepreneurs with successful entrepreneurship.

During the year, he also mentored the team. “The value of interacting with our team can connect with and identify strong startups that can help clarifies, customers and money faster.

My expectations are that we are able to interact with other startups and want them to come better prepared this year,” he said. .

The Eureka was originally dated 20 years ago.

In all of this exponential growth this year from the popularity of Eureka, this competition has grown from 50 teams competing to 50,000 INR for the competition that now finds more than 10,000 participants who earn a prize of Rp 5 million.

With a vision of introducing business and social innovation, they have two basic tracks:

Preparing Entrepreneurs for its own Eureka

Trademarks from Eureka!, A business track aimed at helping ideas develop into businesses that have the potential to revolutionize the world. Winners receive a prize of INR 5.00,000 when runners up receive an INR 3,00,000 cash prize.

Eureka! Social: Eureka! Social support ideas and B-Models are the ones that apply at the bottom of the pyramid and / or more energetic tomorrow.

The winners are awarded the RMR 2,000 cloud awards while the runner up gets a prize of Rp1,000,000.

Registrar: Eureka! 2018 registration has started on August 25th. People can visit ecell.in/eureka and fill out questionnaires.

Never Underestimate How Easy technology

Never Underestimate How Easy technology

Technology has been a key driver in the world’s business for decades. But by having the fastest laptop, the latest productivity of the computer and the lifetime of your smartphone is no better.

They are baseline expectations.

However, there is a new technological revolution on the horizon, and may be more transformative than anything we have experienced.

The evolution of artificial intelligence, learning machine, and the Internet of Things (IIoT) is intended to shape the landscape business for the coming year.

Think of artificial intelligence and machine learning as a modern business. Studying and evaluating data at higher speeds than humans, they help companies quickly create data giant.

They will manage the data into action in real-time, optimize and optimize the time-critical task to help businesses reduce risk and maximize efficiency.

Lan is best done with IIoT.

Using symfony sensors, wireless connections, cloud services and device computing on websites, IIoT can collect new data – and better data form – from machines and processes within the organization.

Combined with intellectual creation and learning machines, IIoT can provide incentives in business operations, overcome prior issues and unlock new revenue streams.

For many businesses, the technology is as intense, frightening, and abstract. It is difficult for any organization to use technology that everyone knows about but very few workers have been properly used.

Therefore, deployment technology should not be shaken, especially when the future of your business will be done.

Although varying in every dispersion, many organizations become the same. Some of the common barriers are seen again and again among several industries, but there is a way your organization can avoid.

Do not overload “cool technology” by solving problems.

This can be counterintuitive, but you need to release “technology” in stage deployment technology. When everyone wants to set up friendship with all the bells and moats, the main design of the dispersion should begin with a great non-tech question: What business problem does your company want?

Finding answers to that question should be a collaborative work. To ensure you get the truth, you need input from multiple departments within your organization, not just the IT department or engineering team.

All key business decisions must be involved, including executives, marketing and marketing, business development, and analytical and research teams.

Once you have set your business goals, make sure the IT department and team engineering know that the goal is the key driver for the successful execution.

Checking complex systems and walking can be a major milestone, but it will not be an effort to encounter tangible problems. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time, work and money on a “settlement” that does not solve anything.

Unfortunately, many companies are experiencing this problem.

Based on Cisco’s latest survey, many deployment technologies include ambiguous business objectives: Even when IT departments convey the success of technology applied, the solution often fails to address the major business needs.

Do not give up – and get the right help.

In the case of broad technology spread, the effect of “deer on the light” can be detained quickly. Your team can install, enable, or complete multiple devices in various locations. The intimidation factor – and the cost charged – may end the dead project on the track.

Finding an experienced partner (small sales merchants) can make all the difference. More than directing your products and services, a good partner will know the whole world about solutions for your needs, managing you to know the opportunity to store and assist the deployment of business needs.

In the deployment of IIOt, look for a partner who has experience in real devotion. It is better if the business model is tailored to your success; Singing “joint venture” is what you need, and your partner will be an incentive to make you successful. They are not just selling you solutions and running!

The investment ahead can be done with a “pay as you grow” model. A good integration partner can help you reduce the cost of spread that opens at this level.

If your organization has a legacy specification of equipment, such as the manufacture of machines that are extremely prohibitive to replace, the right pair can recognize the addition of sensors and the solution module.

Understanding the Indian of need to technology

Understanding the Indian of need to technology

Every year, thousands of students through the threshold placed by our education system, equipped with the best resources and guidance, to calculate most of the exams that have to be tried to learn for years.

Toppers receive a high percentage of gifts, smart teachers, and schools proudly announcing their stand, as others seek and pursue good and unacceptable performance. Average students are encouraged quickly, when parents and school leave stone, the child can receive the best education.

Laptops replace notebooks, digital media make their way to the classroom, and regular benches are replaced by a discussion table.

The subjects are subject to textbooks, internet and libraries, residence options, and education in general, not to play games, but a good strategy to ensure student success.

But, in the middle of all, we forget to ask the most important question – Does the student really benefit from all this?

What technology guarantees transformation?

Developed in modernization and some visible changes, are we still learning how to think old and age for education? Do we give space and freedom to students, think and decide on themselves?

Know the Education System

The International Student Assessment Program was held in 2012, with 75 countries as participants, India stood at 74th! Ironic for a country that wants high people, to survive.

This score is enough to stop us from misconceptions that the Indian Education System is changing. No one denies the modernization system, but has long been to fulfill the real transformation requirements.

The need for high academic success in the country, when a competitive educational system focuses on real score reflecting the same learning, rather than being independent.

Compared to the education system in countries like Sweden, Singapore, and South Korea, India has gotten its way, and modernization will not be there. The problem is strongly supported, and therefore, the changes we make, should also remove the core of the system.

Trend changed

From the second, our students were presented with “A for Apple, B for Ball” … many were the first steps to learn, as an amateur student went to the world of education, rhythmically repeating the sentence.

Students who have A to Z are good enough, only the tallest, but the little ones who have some are missing, but it’s great to know the names in real life, with the letters starting?

Unfortunately, the method of teaching and learning remains, not ending with the main class. Higher levels, more focused are placed in learning to score, rather than learning to succeed.

Like a goat in a conspiracy, from first class, we teach students what they learn, how to learn, without leaving enough space to determine the lesson, and for students to think freely.

We capture our students, not just teaching people what to think, but also not directly following the rules to succeed, eventually turning the education system into a plant of engineers.

Modern School System and School

It is undeniable that all schools have taken great steps to modernize education, but this modernization, unfortunately applied to the same level of learning needs to be very important.

Schools have now begun using ERP digits, but they remain at school level, giving no space for teachers and students to use.

Changing the whiteboard with screen will not make a difference, as we continue to block our students from the same comfort zone, questions and tests.

With technology in the classroom, there is no content, but without specialization, the final display content will be better than the best.

It’s not just a class system that needs to be changed, but it’s also a very widely used approach to the classroom.

For example, a traditional size that matches all the methods of teaching, is the biggest problem in the system. Too few schools are considered, different students have different learning styles, and the teaching methodology needs to be tailored to.

End the general pedagogy without learning the style of study, just one of the few horrible signals, which must be done not only by what we teach, but also the way we teach.

Although many hullabaloos are made for student development, there is no discussion of what can be seen in the development of teacher profession. How do we expect the best to be delivered to students, when we do not set the emphasis.

6 Entrepreneurial Ways way to make money

6 Entrepreneurial Ways way to make money

As a teenager you have the most freedom you will ever get in your life. When many people are looking for first jobs in fast food chains or local businesses, do not hinder you from doing anything.

There are many ways you can make money, you need to be creative. Today and age, especially with easy and easy access from the internet, you can not be younger to start earning money for you. There are many unique ways to make money as a teenager.

Buy and sell again.

You can find anything to buy and retrieve anywhere, you must keep eye open. Make sure to build a local garage and shops. Even check out friends or colleagues learn to see what they have what it wants to sell, but do not have time to list themselves.

If you find a product that you think you can buy more than you buy, be sure to expedite this by looking at how others are selling your product. There are markets that can be placed on eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

If you have just started, do not worry about how much you are, your skills will get and learn to teach in good time. You will gain experience with market research, customer service, delivery and lighting, and many other businesses.

Technical support.

As a child, technology may be good for you. Most young people take the opportunity to instill skills that are very high by future generations of people.

There are many people in the local community who have technical problems and do not have access to reliable sources that can help.

Get word out by posting in online online communities like Facebook or Craigslist. Try to share the time with the local organizations and organizations. It’s a great way to network, show your skills, and contribute to your community at the same time.

Many people like to come to help people in person instead please contact others by phone. Do not worry if you can not solve every problem at that point.

If you are resourceful, patient, and constantly looking for solutions, and if you provide good service and follow-up, word of mouth will spread like fire.

Content creation.

Social media is now a bigger factor than the learning process, especially to teenagers. This brand admits and practices anything that can move in the latest direction, while helping to improve the company.

As a teenager you are surrounded by culture that brand will be part of 24/7. You know what your friends say, what’s hot, and not. This type of insight and access is very well-known for brands.

Think about how companies can be good in the eyes of the friends and help them to brand, whether it’s a post-social media post, or even a new product.

Embed the brand so it can beautify it but everything you need is a DM or e-mail facility that describes your idea. You do not know what the reaction will take and what can open the door for you.

Combine and sell.

Imagine people are buying new phones and should be small, screen protector, and a pair of headphones. Buying everything can be time if it can be purchased individually. Hopefully this hard work.

Ask for everything to be compatible and installed at an easy price point. What you say in bundle or community online in your community, can be easy, fun and good.

The more creative you can be. Think about how you can add any aspect of the buying experience of buying new groceries or new TVs.

Stock Photography.

Try several times you have a few extra minutes without doing anything. You can pick up this time trailer for a chance of money, and everything you need is a camera phone. With stock photography you can get paid to take pictures of anything.

Pictures almost everything about you can sell, whether you are in the garden or taking a meal with a friend, no telpone option. Provide a unique spin in a situation, or get information from a new creative angle.

There are lots of websites like Fotolia and Shutterstock where you can upload photos for free. If they sell, you will earn a commission. Another uploaded image, your potential to make money.