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Bitcoin: The Swindle of the centure

Bitcoin: The Swindle of the centure

The earthquake around Bitcoin was at the top of the fever, and the obvious reason. That value has been achieved since last year, making millionaires from the beginning. In the evening, thousands of investors and co-creators will get action.

Quick numbers to unknown: Bitcoin is the most popular and most regarded as a digital asset known as cryptocurrency.

It is presented as an alternative to traditional banknotes, with speculative investors buying and selling Small Bitcoins (which in writing is worth more than $ 6,000 per coin, down from $ 19,783 in December) wanting that value will increase.

Anonymousity-created anonymity and skyrocketing ratings has become an inspiration to the mass evolution, which has become one that completely breaks down and replaces traditional money.

Some of them are new events, it is also a surprise to know that Bitcoin has existed since January 2009, created by (perhaps fake) Japanese developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Actually, those who think the creator is right because.

I will come later.

Whether Nakamoto is a real person, it is true that “one” has set a conversation about the future of money and invest in a post-2009 accident.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Crypto is how many banks, accounting companies and major consumer companies have bought into the madness in the near decades since.

This great support of sure names makes Bitcoin and other cryptoccal currencies look like, but look under the surface of many false and Galaxy promises, with the need to dig a little deeper to see the real benefits of madness.

BS from Bitcoin

It’s not just the idea that Bitcoin will replace a highly questionable currency system. The simplest idea to invest in cryptocurrency is real fraud.

Investors, perhaps more than other groups, enjoy the idea of ​​the next big deal before counting. It’s not breaking news: That’s how money is made.

From VC to investor seating, this idea is to buy when the price is low and sold when it is high.

So, it’s only natural that unstable and complex pillars like Crypto attracts a lot of excitement for certain types of investors, perhaps someone who is not smart but caught in the power of internet transformation.

The online aspect is more democratic: If one can buy, who can profit.

Where is the problem?

In the heart, cryptocurrency is a scam. We all have sold the future of Bitcoin as the official internet currency, evangelists repainted the picture of the world where our spending was safe anonymously and once again complied with the requirements of international and governmental operators.

Some resellers have bought well, meaning Bitcoin can buy anything from a hotel room for pizza delivery. The sound was great, but, in essence, crypto has proven to be another.

Non-mediums actually change the way banknotes are supported by government banks. Bitcoin is an asset, and one of the most dangerous to put your investment money.

When it is converted for goods, the volume of transactions for barter offers with opportunistic retailers is more likely to be announced that it comes with announcing they will receive Bitcoin.

You do not have to put my words

There is no power over CEO JPMorgan Jamie Dimon has recognized the crypto as a bubble just waiting for the statue. When that does not happen, the gardens pay for your pizza with whatever is there.

Despite the uncertain currency itself, the Northwest atmosphere has proven fertile soil for fraudsters. The old Ponzi style plan has received the 21st-century welcome thanks to criminals taking advantage of the Bitcoin craze, Coin-raising Fund for Early Victim (COS) that never came true.

With the exact currency of getting the first abusive drug and anonymous bidding tools on the dark trading web, unscrupulous operators have been damp for Bitcoin as the simplest to tear off unknown dead. Think of yourself.

Real profit

Although Bitcoin as an investment is radioactive and will not be touched, there is no problem that all cryptocurrency movements are not made about the real benefits.

Bitcoin is dangerous when it breaks the human element in the form of labels and deceptive cheats. Technology makes it free and reliable.


Technology Entrepreneurship are the best guide

Technology Entrepreneurship are the best guide

In 2018 and at the same time, with intelligence as a criterion, India has been hiding constantly in business that requires compatibility in society through knowledge technology.

The technology aspect in this scenario is the futuristic element of Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning.

Model models of technology that are appropriate for the health of the community, health, and others to overcome the problem that has not been resolved is impossible to reduce.

So, with entrepreneurial technology from a beginner / criterion perspective perspective, Entrepreneur India shows an easy beginner of 3 steps to learn about social issues through technology-savvy technologies:

Correctly and wisely address the problem wisely

The Indian community, thus, has the potential to become an entrepreneurial programming model, remains the target of declaring good points to synchronize with the technology model that works to fit the social scheme.

“Including the huge Indian population with sanitary facilities is a challenge,” and state Prateek Ahuja who is an independent health consultant.

Now, develop a solution technology that seeks to take sanitation solutions despite marginalized sectors in India as a potential opportunity to develop model models.

It has even included Indian health; Health can be considered as a point-of-life point and your solution has the opportunity to get an answer to any social scheme. There is also another potential domain as well.

“The time has come to a maturity for the B2B model in health, the identification of health outcomes is a matter of jam,” added the Co-Founder Prasanth Madavana at Fedo.

Here is takeaway as an effective identification of the micro opportunity; which is more often than not denied by the macro aspect when employer technology knows smart models.

Therefore, when viewed and analyzed, the most potential sectors (opportunities) will automatically come in front.

Looking for “potential” investors in 2018

At this time, the shocking fears of 2018 have been, and, this year smart capital investment (and angels).

Creative models have been proactively targeted by VCs and then funded. It is only able to grow with time. So you can learn and create a list of potential VCs and your investors will want to approach.

“” We have tried the water in India for some time and have reached the famous market.  such as the Xiaomi and Alibaba groups, “said Jessica Wong – managing and Managing Partners at Ganesh Ventures.

Wong, recently considered Ganesh Ventures as an investment fund outside of the region, expects a better sector in India to be Fintech, travel, health, and so on.

You can also think of cross-boundary ideas as this can provide greater knowledge technology; which only became close to your technology.

There are other active VC companies involved in the idea of ​​a good entrepreneurial idea to mentor and preserve this. You, probably have the potential to sing so that she learns.

“Impact Investments are ready to grow rapidly with India expanding as a hub for innovative and business modeling products that focus on developing country challenges and other emerging markets,” said Mukesh Sharma as Co-Founder and Managing Director at Menterra Venture Advisors.

Say wisely

Once you have perfected the above mentioned aspects, when you take the idea to the next level after you have a significant output to show. When you think you’re ready for the next, sit down with you and look for ideas that will add and measure your business monetarily.

This can be a potential takeover proposal or even a mentoring (if you have financial resources to invest in other startup technologies). These steps can ensure you remain relevant in the market when it is known as business technology leaders think.

Why Entrepreneurs Should need to stay out

Why Entrepreneurs Should need to stay out

Human thinking can be great. You need to come to an article that tells us how we are less compared to what we can do. Humans have systems and processes that make the world, and most today. But this means that a very good brain has a certain limit.

This good example will be the bias we can not do.

Bias is a limitation of the origin of our thoughts and our thoughts. He should not be in touch with a smart person or a fool.

As an entrepreneur, we all take some decisions on a regular basis. Therefore, the right decision at the right time has a great role in any emotional health entrepreneur.

Cognitive bias is set in a mistake in the thinking that causes great influence. You can do it, how do you remember certain events from the past and how you decide on the next event.

Cognitive trends are made consciously and not always in our control. However, it is always wise to know. Here are 12 bias each entrepreneur needs to remember:

Bias verification

We all have the habit of honoring what is parallel to what we already know. We are like people who agree with us or what we agree with.

We would like to read the website that talks about anything that suits our agreement. This type of tendency makes us uncomfortable when things go wrong.

It comes out if our beliefs do not fit. However, it is important to note that this tendency makes us far from looking beyond the horizon.

Bias in groups

This is the kind of bias you’ll encounter when you combine groups. Will always be there when the decision is approved by the majority of the lottery.

And there will be people who do not agree with it but do not say anything. Fear that the majority of the groups agree that, nothing is wrong with anything. It is important to note that this biased attitude can free up new and better ideas.

Main effect

We tend to always determine our judgments about the originals or judgments made. You can when the vendor asserts you $ 450 for Ads and then reduces up to $ 400 next week. We tend to think it is better than the initial quote.

However, we failed to see the true value of Ads in the market as the initial pricing has become our anchor.

Projection bias

In this sense, we have the habit of believing that everyone around us thinks of us. In the future, we make a constant difference in our minds and choices. Hopefully everyone on the same site who has not been confirmed with someone may be unclear in the business.

Railway bias

Remember, when you choose someone because only someone else, it is biased. We are usually clear with the flow along with the majority of people around us. Meaningful reasons when believers. Examples of simple things will become Mental.

If more than 50 people make fun in the community, 250 more will not be asked before they join the blind.

Negative tendency

People are usually more focused on negative news. It may collapse, accident or stock accident. Therefore, it tends to believe that negative news is more important and has value. We take good news to give and give more confidence to bad news.

We are worried that news readers are discussing the shortage of water in the future but do not believe that he tells of some illnesses.

Status-Quo Bias

This is probably the longest. We, humans, grow in our bodies and in our lives. We enjoy our customs, opinions and also ours. We tend to make decisions that require little change in the existing system.

Observation Selection Bias

We tend to see something we can not remember before. You can do it when you carry certain equipment and suddenly see someone doing the same. Therefore, you are getting stronger with the change, but these numbers will not increase. We choose to see what we want.

Ignore Possibility

We often tend to ignore the antithesis about the things we love. You will pass the road everywhere, very easy. But you think twice before walking over the bridge. The likelihood that you will get hit on the road will not happen. Therefore, the possibility of landing a bridge looks much higher for you.


5 Ways How Fertility Platforms are changing the experiance


In the years technology has led to important changes in the way we relate to the world. It has become an integral part of our lives: rather than helping to build tools and systems with extraordinary means, to change the speed that can be done.

Grooming in technology has had a lasting effect on health, reducing the mortality rate on the board and providing a higher quality of life.

. The danger is also seen when raising the emotional partner of well-being, especially those who will attack the challenge of fertility treatments.

It is said that the subject is uncomfortable and can be identified by individuals and couples to address the issue, not surprised if many couples choose to look for treatment, or give up because of fatigue emotions.

Infertility can take a lot of mental and emotional punishment for men and women. Despite accepting the reality of the problem, fighting the IVF treatment vehicle, finding the best physician and starting a long way of care and eliminating the mental, the patient completes the treatment’s fertility with emotional backups.

In India, Infertility strikes about 10-15% of the couple who sing a marriage. Studies also suggest that South Asian women have lesser reserve ovaries than Caucasian women, and will also experience longer infertility and heavier effects of treatment infertility.

Get for IVF treatment as a major living decision, and while providing a new sense of taste, it can be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Here are 5 ways to sing platforms and new age fertility apps make IVF a more complicated journey easier to read: –

Add transparency

Emotional disorders of IVF disorders are also not just a problem. Lack of knowledge on correct treatment and correct physician, not easily transparent about the determination of structural costs of various treatments and some IVF failure leave due to lack of knowledge and does not suit doctors for state medication as the only reason 1% of non-bearers in India seek treatment.

With this fertility help platform is slowly changing. Fertility mobile apps can help women find certified clinics and physicians, reducing fraud or wrong treatment opportunities.

Improve the success stage in positive pregnancy

Technology has radically replaced the experience of landscape patients. The main example of this is to use appropriate algorithms for patients who provide opportunities for those who recommend along with a better level of success than the result of fitness treatment.

The fertility fertility level of treatment can be performed significantly if the doctor is correct in accordance with the correct patient, based on patient’s medical condition, diagnostic test parameters and budget requirements.

With the help of this algorithm, treatment fertility is remarkable to a 72% success rate from positive positive to 40%, average average average performance now.

Make infertility affordable

In many cases, there is no fertility diagnosis that is directly the way the elderly, as the ability to deal with the treatment that is the biggest obstacle.

Basically, there is a lot of information and information available to provide better financial to consumers by lending to care. This poses a financial burden imposed by the public and makes the process easier for couples.

Overcoming ‘social’ stigma

Shame and instinctive “failure” to conceive and repel baby without medical help can be a problem in the Indian community.

Moreover, when having difficulty conceiving, the woman should be blamed without knowing the fact that more cases of 40% do not endanger people.

The period of fertility platform helps eliminate this stigma by providing access to the community where users who are in the early stages of the fertility trip can also complete the process to address issues, concerns and solutions that help them overcome the problem.

Keep an eye on your fertility wisely

Women’s fertility fertility technology has a better advantage if you explore ovulation, nutrients to regulate menstrual calendars and more.

Tengen from exploring ovulation, fertility calendars and driving times, app fertility can enable women to intelligently control immortality and help to conceive or not contain.

The new wave of technology not only reduces stigma but also strengthens women who need biological aspects of women who can not be known and facilitated search.

Don’t Understand Blockchain its founder says

Don't Understand Blockchain its founder says

Belanger examines how people develop productivity, focus, collaboration, creativity and culture on board.

Amy Wan started a legal career in Washington, D.C., where he immediately realized that managing the federal government to make the stereotype a “weak and bureaucratic.” So she decided to take an online course to learn the question code.

One task is to create a web page to replace bitcoin.

Now in 2012, during cryptocurrency before the so-called “Crypto Winter,” when the importance of blockchain technology is based on several years.

After being disturbed by bitcoin, Wan left his job, moved to L.A. and joined the “criminal lawyer.”

Crypto Winter diverts their route to crowdfunding and temporary securities sites, so that space activities are re-arrested and they see many rules and safety bolts for content.

“If you are processing analogs to the 90’s, there are times when people wear items online, because you do not know if you will get a widget that is paid 40 bucks,” said Wan.

They are witnessing the opportunity to build a company that will build a solution to overcome the problem of “trust transactions” that led to block block.

He affirms his company, Sagewise, to end it.

This week, the company launched a product called Blokusign, a blockchain installed digital signage, designed to reduce and resolve disputes.

Forever, the contract signer is a good time. When there are already many electronic signature apps out there (such as Docusign or HelloSign), Blokusign has an additional layer of decentralization authentication. If people detect a contract (say, add 0), Blokusign’s booklet will open the original.

Wan spoke to the Entrepreneur about the potential of blockchain as an invisible tool.

For example, in the blockchain era, contracts are one of the most logical cases. We’re crazy if we can still try something when we buy anything.

Before proceeding, I worked at the beginning of fintech. We must have a notary at all times to document the document physically. Notary in person is no better than some other kind of authentication.

Now, with all the technologies around Adobe and all of that, it’s easy to pick up documents and doctors only. I became a former prosecutor, and I was not able to determine whether I had found a case where the document loan was programmed, or money-money was obtained.

What does Blokusign look like for a user?

What we see today, if any party has a competitive version of the document, all that needs to be done is to advance the original document to the web with user-friendly users and will give you a green check or fix.

Ask for a green saying, yes, this is the original version, which match matches or, no, no. Lan was not created by reading the metadata from the document.

He hates the middleman and allows the parties to come in and hone the document.

What is the process of dispute?

Today, when you move the e-sign, you do not have a verification blockchain, you will be able to have two parties with different documents.

The first time we have to give a report to the court, we believe this is genuine, and then must produce evidence.

If you sing badly, it’s better to be a subpoena [e-tandha company.] [With Blokusign], you are not dependent on some who can not work together or just one more day out of business or being too slow to respond.

How can you improve the efficiency of adding Blokusign to your company?

If you can easily and easily prove what the original document is, there is little that can reduce costs. You really stop people who want to document documentation. And then fifth, the case caught never singing a stop.

If you can develop a better culture in real estate, in accordance with your will and belief, in this case, you will reduce the error in the court on the type of problem, since people will be less experienced if it is easy to speed up wrong.

What is the biggest problem with a company that produces blockchain technology that has been seen?

I have a lot of opinions on this. Nevertheless, many of these things just take our existing business and are rejected in blockchain, and that’s a bad idea. Blockchain technology makes things complicated and can bring a lot of doubt to the business, as well as cost.