In 2018 and at the same time, with intelligence as a criterion, India has been hiding constantly in business that requires compatibility in society through knowledge technology.

The technology aspect in this scenario is the futuristic element of Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning.

Model models of technology that are appropriate for the health of the community, health, and others to overcome the problem that has not been resolved is impossible to reduce.

So, with entrepreneurial technology from a beginner / criterion perspective perspective, Entrepreneur India shows an easy beginner of 3 steps to learn about social issues through technology-savvy technologies:

Correctly and wisely address the problem wisely

The Indian community, thus, has the potential to become an entrepreneurial programming model, remains the target of declaring good points to synchronize with the technology model that works to fit the social scheme.

“Including the huge Indian population with sanitary facilities is a challenge,” and state Prateek Ahuja who is an independent health consultant.

Now, develop a solution technology that seeks to take sanitation solutions despite marginalized sectors in India as a potential opportunity to develop model models.

It has even included Indian health; Health can be considered as a point-of-life point and your solution has the opportunity to get an answer to any social scheme. There is also another potential domain as well.

“The time has come to a maturity for the B2B model in health, the identification of health outcomes is a matter of jam,” added the Co-Founder Prasanth Madavana at Fedo.

Here is takeaway as an effective identification of the micro opportunity; which is more often than not denied by the macro aspect when employer technology knows smart models.

Therefore, when viewed and analyzed, the most potential sectors (opportunities) will automatically come in front.

Looking for “potential” investors in 2018

At this time, the shocking fears of 2018 have been, and, this year smart capital investment (and angels).

Creative models have been proactively targeted by VCs and then funded. It is only able to grow with time. So you can learn and create a list of potential VCs and your investors will want to approach.

“” We have tried the water in India for some time and have reached the famous market.  such as the Xiaomi and Alibaba groups, “said Jessica Wong – managing and Managing Partners at Ganesh Ventures.

Wong, recently considered Ganesh Ventures as an investment fund outside of the region, expects a better sector in India to be Fintech, travel, health, and so on.

You can also think of cross-boundary ideas as this can provide greater knowledge technology; which only became close to your technology.

There are other active VC companies involved in the idea of ​​a good entrepreneurial idea to mentor and preserve this. You, probably have the potential to sing so that she learns.

“Impact Investments are ready to grow rapidly with India expanding as a hub for innovative and business modeling products that focus on developing country challenges and other emerging markets,” said Mukesh Sharma as Co-Founder and Managing Director at Menterra Venture Advisors.

Say wisely

Once you have perfected the above mentioned aspects, when you take the idea to the next level after you have a significant output to show. When you think you’re ready for the next, sit down with you and look for ideas that will add and measure your business monetarily.

This can be a potential takeover proposal or even a mentoring (if you have financial resources to invest in other startup technologies). These steps can ensure you remain relevant in the market when it is known as business technology leaders think.


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