Every year, thousands of students through the threshold placed by our education system, equipped with the best resources and guidance, to calculate most of the exams that have to be tried to learn for years.

Toppers receive a high percentage of gifts, smart teachers, and schools proudly announcing their stand, as others seek and pursue good and unacceptable performance. Average students are encouraged quickly, when parents and school leave stone, the child can receive the best education.

Laptops replace notebooks, digital media make their way to the classroom, and regular benches are replaced by a discussion table.

The subjects are subject to textbooks, internet and libraries, residence options, and education in general, not to play games, but a good strategy to ensure student success.

But, in the middle of all, we forget to ask the most important question – Does the student really benefit from all this?

What technology guarantees transformation?

Developed in modernization and some visible changes, are we still learning how to think old and age for education? Do we give space and freedom to students, think and decide on themselves?

Know the Education System

The International Student Assessment Program was held in 2012, with 75 countries as participants, India stood at 74th! Ironic for a country that wants high people, to survive.

This score is enough to stop us from misconceptions that the Indian Education System is changing. No one denies the modernization system, but has long been to fulfill the real transformation requirements.

The need for high academic success in the country, when a competitive educational system focuses on real score reflecting the same learning, rather than being independent.

Compared to the education system in countries like Sweden, Singapore, and South Korea, India has gotten its way, and modernization will not be there. The problem is strongly supported, and therefore, the changes we make, should also remove the core of the system.

Trend changed

From the second, our students were presented with “A for Apple, B for Ball” … many were the first steps to learn, as an amateur student went to the world of education, rhythmically repeating the sentence.

Students who have A to Z are good enough, only the tallest, but the little ones who have some are missing, but it’s great to know the names in real life, with the letters starting?

Unfortunately, the method of teaching and learning remains, not ending with the main class. Higher levels, more focused are placed in learning to score, rather than learning to succeed.

Like a goat in a conspiracy, from first class, we teach students what they learn, how to learn, without leaving enough space to determine the lesson, and for students to think freely.

We capture our students, not just teaching people what to think, but also not directly following the rules to succeed, eventually turning the education system into a plant of engineers.

Modern School System and School

It is undeniable that all schools have taken great steps to modernize education, but this modernization, unfortunately applied to the same level of learning needs to be very important.

Schools have now begun using ERP digits, but they remain at school level, giving no space for teachers and students to use.

Changing the whiteboard with screen will not make a difference, as we continue to block our students from the same comfort zone, questions and tests.

With technology in the classroom, there is no content, but without specialization, the final display content will be better than the best.

It’s not just a class system that needs to be changed, but it’s also a very widely used approach to the classroom.

For example, a traditional size that matches all the methods of teaching, is the biggest problem in the system. Too few schools are considered, different students have different learning styles, and the teaching methodology needs to be tailored to.

End the general pedagogy without learning the style of study, just one of the few horrible signals, which must be done not only by what we teach, but also the way we teach.

Although many hullabaloos are made for student development, there is no discussion of what can be seen in the development of teacher profession. How do we expect the best to be delivered to students, when we do not set the emphasis.


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