Human thinking can be great. You need to come to an article that tells us how we are less compared to what we can do. Humans have systems and processes that make the world, and most today. But this means that a very good brain has a certain limit.

This good example will be the bias we can not do.

Bias is a limitation of the origin of our thoughts and our thoughts. He should not be in touch with a smart person or a fool.

As an entrepreneur, we all take some decisions on a regular basis. Therefore, the right decision at the right time has a great role in any emotional health entrepreneur.

Cognitive bias is set in a mistake in the thinking that causes great influence. You can do it, how do you remember certain events from the past and how you decide on the next event.

Cognitive trends are made consciously and not always in our control. However, it is always wise to know. Here are 12 bias each entrepreneur needs to remember:

Bias verification

We all have the habit of honoring what is parallel to what we already know. We are like people who agree with us or what we agree with.

We would like to read the website that talks about anything that suits our agreement. This type of tendency makes us uncomfortable when things go wrong.

It comes out if our beliefs do not fit. However, it is important to note that this tendency makes us far from looking beyond the horizon.

Bias in groups

This is the kind of bias you’ll encounter when you combine groups. Will always be there when the decision is approved by the majority of the lottery.

And there will be people who do not agree with it but do not say anything. Fear that the majority of the groups agree that, nothing is wrong with anything. It is important to note that this biased attitude can free up new and better ideas.

Main effect

We tend to always determine our judgments about the originals or judgments made. You can when the vendor asserts you $ 450 for Ads and then reduces up to $ 400 next week. We tend to think it is better than the initial quote.

However, we failed to see the true value of Ads in the market as the initial pricing has become our anchor.

Projection bias

In this sense, we have the habit of believing that everyone around us thinks of us. In the future, we make a constant difference in our minds and choices. Hopefully everyone on the same site who has not been confirmed with someone may be unclear in the business.

Railway bias

Remember, when you choose someone because only someone else, it is biased. We are usually clear with the flow along with the majority of people around us. Meaningful reasons when believers. Examples of simple things will become Mental.

If more than 50 people make fun in the community, 250 more will not be asked before they join the blind.

Negative tendency

People are usually more focused on negative news. It may collapse, accident or stock accident. Therefore, it tends to believe that negative news is more important and has value. We take good news to give and give more confidence to bad news.

We are worried that news readers are discussing the shortage of water in the future but do not believe that he tells of some illnesses.

Status-Quo Bias

This is probably the longest. We, humans, grow in our bodies and in our lives. We enjoy our customs, opinions and also ours. We tend to make decisions that require little change in the existing system.

Observation Selection Bias

We tend to see something we can not remember before. You can do it when you carry certain equipment and suddenly see someone doing the same. Therefore, you are getting stronger with the change, but these numbers will not increase. We choose to see what we want.

Ignore Possibility

We often tend to ignore the antithesis about the things we love. You will pass the road everywhere, very easy. But you think twice before walking over the bridge. The likelihood that you will get hit on the road will not happen. Therefore, the possibility of landing a bridge looks much higher for you.



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